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WILD DOGS (2014)

WILD DOGS (2014)

Genre: KOREA
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WILD DOGS (2014)
Wild Dogs (2014)
Info : http://asianwiki.com/Stray_Dogs_%28Korean_Movie%29
Release : January 23, 2014
Genre : Thriller
Yoo-Joon (Kim Jeong-Hoon) aspired to become a distinguished reporter, but he now works as a third-rate reporter. His personal life is equally a mess. He is involved in an affair with a married woman named Jung-In and he also has a gambling problem. He then hears from Jung-In that she wants to breakup with him. She is the wife of Yoo-Joon’s senior co-worker and she wants to fix her marriage. Yoo-Joon though wants to have Jung-In back even if it means he has to kill her husband. He sets out to find her husband.