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Collage Girl Targeted (2015) sinopsis Emi and Chizuru are college friends. Emmy, who needed money, demanded 500,000 yen on condition that he could raid Chizuru to the man A he met. Emmy, who had been going to Chizuru’s house for a chance to take a photo as the man requested, finds out that Chizuru’s parents vacate their home for a few days on a trip. Emi breaks up with Chizuru and meets a man and shows a photo, handing Chizuru’s house key to the man who accepted the terms. On the other hand, Chizuru, who goes out after he goes home, picks up Polaroid, who has fallen by the passing man. But the person in the picture is nothing but the underwear. Chizuru, with a strange sense of prejudice arrives at the house as soon as she arrives, but the stalker who enters her house suddenly raises Chizuru without giving her a try. And that night, Man A sneaks into Chizuru’s house. Chizuru, who woke up in the room and watched a man wonder why he had to do this twice a day The man gave Emmy 500,000 yen, and he raped her because she could not help themselves. The next day, Chizuru calls Emmy and explains what happened last night and asks him to tell the truth. Emmy said she did not know anything at all, and after leaving Shichimi, she called a man and told her to give her an additional 500,000 yen. The man says he will not give any more money and he will give a gift worth 500,000 yen and take Emmy and have sex.


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